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Puppy Training Classes

In 2010 we were invited to run Puppy Training Classes at Frame, Swift and Partners Veterinary Centre in Penrith.  These classes have been a huge success and have run for the past 4 years - helping to train many puppies .



This dog training course is designed for you and your puppy to have fun whilst learning together in a structured, relaxed atmosphere and to provide insights into the importance of being a responsible owner.


All dogs learn at different paces and at different rates during their development so it is impossible to ‘programme’ your new puppy in a pre-defined time period. This puppy training course is designed to provide you with the basic instructions and training methods which need to be applied as often as is practical but without exhausting your dog. Short, repetitive sessions practiced at different times of the day, before feeding times, will be more effective than prolonged, long events.


The dog training is not primarily designed for your puppy but for you – the responsible owner! By learning the basic puppy training techniques based on proven structured methods, you and your puppy will develop a strong, happy lasting relationship. As your confidence in handling increases, your dog’s confidence will also improve and he or she will mature into a balanced, properly behaved, well-mannered and obedient member of your family.


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